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Herbed Rice Pops 1

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Rice pops or rice crisps are light and refreshing snack, that comes together in minutes. It is low-fat, nutritious, and delicious. . In India, puffed rice is used for preparing various snacks, made with different spices. Rice crisps or puffed rice is called as ‘mandakki‘ in Kannada language. Often used […]

Bottlegourd and Beans Stir-fry 2

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Stir-fry usually involves lot of oil or butter, but this southern Indian, coconut based stir-fry recipe will use only minimal oil. It is tender, flavorful, juicy, easy and quick!  Tastes the best with fresh, tender beans. This one is a basic and simple side dish that goes really well with […]

Sweet Potato and Broccoli Puree 3

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Sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin A, vitamin E, beta carotene, and potassium. It also contains folate and Calcium. Sweet Potato is generally one of the first baby food. Introduced around 7 months. It is easy to digest and has mild flavour When your baby is ready to try various blends, […]

Rice Vermicelli Upma |Semiya upma 4

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Vermicelli Upma, also known as ‘Shavige uppittu’ in Kannada. This is an easy breakfast recipe that can be prepared within 30 minutes. Also a delicious and quick snack.  Traditionally, upma is made of rava, but vermicelli is a good substitute, and it tastes delicious. You will find wheat or all-purpose […]

Vegan Bottlegourd and Peas curry 5

Vegan Bottlegourd and Peas curry 5 (1)

Bottle- gourd (calabash) and peas – tomatoey, warm, and comforting vegan curry. It is delicious and aromatic, full of flavours and goodness. Bottle gourd is used to prepare variety of dishes in India from chutneys, stews stir fry etc. One such recipe is this tomatoey curry. It is quick and […]

Vegan Rava dosa |semolina crepes 6

Vegan Rava dosa |semolina crepes 5 (1)

Rava dosa is a popular southern Indian crepe recipe which is typically prepared using semolina, rice flour, and some all purpose flour. It is golden and crispy, and has a lacy texture. Served usually for breakfast along with chutney or sambar. There are myriad ways to prepare rava dosas with […]

Yogurt based rice |curd rice with cucumber 7

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Yogurt is a staple food for many adults and children. I grew up eating curd rice at-least once in a day in my childhood. why yogurt is recommend in baby’s diet – is the nutritional profile yogurt that is rich in calcium and phosphorus for bone strength and protein and fat […]

Spiced Potato and Peas

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Spiced potatoes and peas – easy vegan, comforting food. All over India, potatoes and peas curry is prepared in different ways- tomato based, dairy based, or cooked using various base sauces. This recipe calls for potatoes and peas to toss in ground spices. It is aromatic, and flavour is addictive. […]

Almond Buckwheat flour laddo 8

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Almond and buckwheat flour laddoo or truffle is very easy to prepare and needs few basic ingredients. Almond flour, buckwheat flour, jaggery or coconut sugar, butter or clarified butter, coconut shavings. That’s it! In India, buckwheat flour is known as kuttu ka atta. These truffles are a good option during festivities […]