Month: September 2019

Majjige Huli

Majjige Huli |Buttermilk Curry 0 (0)

Majjige Huli(spiced buttermilk curry) is prepared with very minimal ingredients (Mangalore style). It has a mildly spicy and sour taste, one of my favorite go-to comfort food. This curry can be prepared using cucumber, tindora, cowpea, potatoes and beans, bell pepper as well. How to make Majjige Huli |Buttermilk Curry […]

Neer Dosa

3- Ingredients Neer dosa | Tellavu 5 (4)

Neer Dosas are delicate soft crepes prepared from rice batter. Unlike other traditional Indian dosa recipes, this recipe is free of lentils, and all you need is 3 ingredients – rice, water, salt. that’s it. A hint of coconut can add wonderful aroma and suppleness to these crepes. Very simple […]

Sabudana Khichdi

Simple Sabudana Khichdi for Infants 0 (0)

Sabudana Khichdi or Sago Khichdi is loaded with carbohydrates and protein from peas. It is a good breakfast or ‘evening snack’ for your little one. This can be introduced to babies around 9 months – when they are ready to try a variety of food. Serve the kichadi with yogurt. […]

Wheat Flour Laddo

Whole Wheat Flour Laddu using Jaggery 0 (0)

Wholesome and nutritious Whole wheat flour laddu recipe is easy to make and is delicious. It is rich in nutrients and a great snack for adults. Also for kids older than a year. These are traditional winter snack or can be a dessert, as whole wheat is filling and keeps […]

Masala Poha|Avalakki Oggarane 1

Masala Poha|Avalakki Oggarane 0 (0)

Masala Poha – In Kannada, it is called “Avalakki Oggarane”, one of the staple breakfast options in the south Karnataka region. It is paired with upma, with a side of banana, most commonly. This recipe is vegan and health-friendly. Poha comes in two varieties – Thick and thin. We make […]

Lentils Paddu|Guliappa 2

Lentils Paddu|Guliappa 5 (1)

Also known as paniyaram or Ponganalu. Traditionally, it is prepared by pouring the batter into the iron cast mould. I have used non stick pan with mould(stuffed pancake mould) to avoid immense amount of ghee Batter for paddu is same as that of Idli or masala dosa. This is a […]

Instant Cucumber Dosa | Cucumber crepes 3

Instant Cucumber Dosa | Cucumber crepes 5 (1)

Cucumber dosa or cucumber crepes are very simple, easy to make. Dosa has soft and lightly crisp texture and tastes delicious. It can be instantly prepared and quite refreshing. Cucumber in crepes? why not? This is one of the delicacies from Southern Karnataka. Crepes will have freshness and aroma of […]

Broken Wheat Porridge 4

Broken Wheat Porridge 0 (0)

Also known as Daliya khichidi. Broken wheat is nutritious as it is rich in protein, fiber and iron. It is a one pot meal- broken wheat and veggies along with spices are cooked together in a pressure cooker or Instant pot. It is incredibly light and healthy. The texture of […]


8 Ingredients – Halbai|Rice Halwa 4.8 (8)

Halbai is a delicacy often prepared during festivals and several other occasions in the southern Karnataka region. It has a soft and fudgy texture and has a rich flavor of coconut and delicately sweetened with jaggery. Halbai is one of the unique recipes of the Mangalore/Udupi region. Just like Neer […]