Month: October 2019

Rava Rotti

Rava Rotti | Semolina flatbread 5 (1)

Rava is a wheat product that is obtained by grinding wheat husk. It is used in India for preparing various dishes like kichidi, idli, dosa, upma and sweets – laddu, halwa, kesari bath etc. This south Karnataka special Rava Rotti recipe can be prepared instantly and can be a quick […]

SoutheKayi Guliyappa

Mini Cucumber Pancakes | Southekai Guliyappa 0 (0)

Southekai Guliyappa or cucumber paddu is a breakfast or perfect evening snack item. Savoury and tastes amazing. It can be prepared instantly. No soda/fruit salt required, which makes it a healthy option too. It is also a great breakfast or snack option for toddlers. Just skip green chilies and garam […]

No Milk Oats Porridge for babies 1

No Milk Oats Porridge for babies 0 (0)

Oats – whole-grain cereal is one of the best nutritious food rich in protein and fiber. Easy Oats Porridge can be made within a few minutes. Please follow the three-day rule before introducing any new food. to the baby. Always check with the doctor to know when you can start […]

Beetroot Palya

Beetroot Palya 0 (0)

Beetroot Palya is prepared with grated beet, coconut, and minimal spices. It is a simple recipe, yet tasty and healthy. Goes great with phulka or rice along with sambar/korma. How to make Beetroot Palya? This palya can be prepared using chopped beets or grated. I have grated the beetroot as […]

Almond Buckwheat flour laddo 2

Almond Buckwheat flour laddo 0 (0)

Almond and buckwheat flour laddoo or truffle is very easy to prepare and needs few basic ingredients. Almond flour, buckwheat flour, jaggery or coconut sugar, butter or clarified butter, coconut shavings. That’s it! In India, buckwheat flour is known as kuttu ka atta. These truffles are a good option during festivities […]

Beetroot Paratha

Beetroot paratha |Beetroot flatbread 0 (0)

There are different ways to make paratha using vegetables. Either by adding vegetable puree, or stuffed, or using grated vegetables as it is. This version is easy and very quick to prepare, as it doesn’t involve prior cooking of beetroot or blending to prepare a puree. Just mix the grated […]

Apple and pear puree 3

Apple and pear puree 0 (0)

Apple and pear is an ideal first food combination. It is easy on their little tummies, quick and tasty food for the baby. Choose apples that are sweeter in taste like royal gala or pink lady. This recipe is freezer friendly and an ideal first food for babies of age […]

Roasted Makhana snack for kids 4

Roasted Makhana snack for kids 0 (0)

Makhana is known as fox nuts or lotus seeds, often used in quite a few Indian dishes – sweets and curries, also as an evening snack. The roasted makhanas are crunchy, light, and simple . It is nutritious, easy to prepare and yet wholesome and healthy.  This recipe is pretty […]