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Mung Bean Curry

Mung Bean Curry 5 (1)

Protein-rich Mung Bean Curry(green gram) made using instapot or stovetop is a delicious lentil curry. This healthy Mung Bean curry is gently spiced and flavourful. It is also considered as one of the best lentils for nourishment. Mung Bean is widely used in Indian cooking. From salads to desserts, it […]

Chole Masala

Chole Masala| Vegan Chickpea Curry 5 (1)

Chole pronounced as – “CHOW-LEI” also known as Chana originating from India. Chole Masala is one of the most popular dishes, and each region has its own way of making it. It is basically chickpeas in a curry. Also known as Chana Masala. The main ingredients for the dish are […]

Vegan Bottlegourd and Peas curry 2

Vegan Bottlegourd and Peas curry 5 (1)

Bottle- gourd (calabash) and peas – tomatoey, warm, and comforting vegan curry. It is delicious and aromatic, full of flavours and goodness. Bottle gourd is used to prepare variety of dishes in India from chutneys, stews stir fry etc. One such recipe is this tomatoey curry. It is quick and […]